Bedbugs - How big did you think they were?
Bird Fouling (1)
                                 Bird Fouling (2)
Damage Caused By Squirrels in Loft.





Wiring Chewed By Squirrels in Loft
Rat Burrow


 Wharf Borer

Ant Control at work... Black Garden Ants feeding on Gel.

Wasp Nest found in an attic.

                  Cluster Flies in Attic

Smearing across wiring

                                     Rat burrows.

Wasp Nest

                           More Wasps Anyone?

Chewed lagging & insulation


                 Rodents like foam insulation!

There is not much that will stop a hungry rodent getting to food, this one ate it's way into a fridge!

                Closer image of the damage.

Tree Bee (Bombus Hypnorum)