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Vespula Vulgaris and Vespula Germanica
These are the two common wasp species found in the UK.  




The Queens hibernate over winter either underground or in buildings, for the common wasp or in trees for the german wasp. 

In Spring the queens emerge and feed on nectar and sap and start to build her new nest out of wasp paper which  is chewed wood, debris and plant material mixed with saliva.


Her first eggs are laid within a few days and the larvae develop within the nest. The mature larvae make silken cocoons in which they pupate. 4 to 6 weeks later the new workers emerge. They are smaller than the queen and are all female. Male wasps only emerge later in the season.


The workers then continue constructing the nest, feeding the larvae and foraging for food. The queen now only lays eggs. By the end of a season there can be 20,000 wasps in a nest.
In Autumn male wasps appear and fertilize the new queens who leave the nest and find a place to hibernate. During Winter the old queen and workers will die and the nest will not be reused.

Vespula Germanica (also known as the Ground wasp) can be a particularly awkward pest. These wasps can be very aggressive and will swarm and attack anything which threatens their nest. 


Please do NOT try to treat a Ground Wasp nest yourself as you do need specialist protective equipment in order to be able to treat safely.

Many people have been badly stung after disturbing a nest by accident.