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Pharaoh's Ants

Pharaoh's Ants (Monomorium pharaonis) can be a very troublesome pest once introduced into a premises.
They like foods that are high in protein such as meat, cheese and fats. They can also infest hospitals where they are a serious threat to health as they feed on bodily fluids, blood and both sterile and used dressings.
Worker ants are 1.5 - 2mm long and are yellow/brown in colour. 
males are 3mm in length, black in colour and have wings but do not fly.
Queens can be 2.5 - 5mm in length with dark red colouring, she also have wings but these are discarded after mating.
Pharaoh's Ants colonies can contain anything from under a hundred ants to 300,000! There can be more than one queen in a colony and the worker ants are sterile females.
A newly mated queen will build a nest and lay her eggs, when these hatch, she will feed the larvae for three weeks and the larvae will then pupate. after about 10 days new adults will emerge.
These newly hatched adults will continue building the nest and rearing the next batches of eggs. This continue and the colony begins to grow. Approximately 90% of the workers spend their time looking after the eggs and larvae and only 10% of the colony search for food.
If a nest is disturbed an adult ant may take some larvae and start a new nest by raising new queens and males, this process is known as 'budding'.