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Cockroach (Brown Banded)

Common Name:          Brown Banded Cockroach
Scientific Name:          Supella Longipalpa

Class/Order/family:      Insecta/Blattodea/Blattidae

Metamorphosis:          Incomplete





Small, 10 – 14mm. light brown to tan in colour with two light coloured bands across the abdomen and wings. The males are not as wide as the females.




Similar to adults but smaller. Mature in about 55 days after 6-8 moults.




There are approximately 19 eggs per capsule. This is deposited by the female and attached to a protective surface. Hatch in around 50 days.




Egg to adult in approximately 3 – 9 months. Around 5 – 18 egg capsules are produced by a female during a lifetime.




Adults live for around 90 – 115 days.




These cockroaches have a preference for a dry and warm environment. They, unlike most cockroaches are more likely to be found in a lounge than a kitchen. They dislike the light but eat a wide variety of items. As with most cockroaches they are scavengers and will eat decaying matter.


These are found in the UK. Male Brown Banded cockroaches have been seen to fly indoors where it is warm. They in general have a preference for higher locations in a building than other species found in the UK.