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Bed Bugs

Cimex lectularius 
Bed bugs are nocturnal, they spend their days hiding in cracks and crevices or hiding in furniture and become active at night.

There are many species of bed bug, some attack birds, bats or rodents but Cimex lectularius and Cimex adjunctus (Eastern bat bed bug) attacks humans.


Adult bed bugs are about 5mm in length and are flattened and oval shaped. Their colour is chestnut-brown.

Nymphs are similar in appearance to the adults but smaller. They moult several time
until fully mature. A nymphs cannot moult unless it has fed.



Each female can produce around 340-350 eggs during her life time. The female lays her eggs in the areas where she hides.


Around 4/5 months but can be up to a year.


Most bed bug infestations begin when the bed bugs are transported in from an infested location, for example in suitcases when travelling.

Bed bugs are attracted to the host by carbon dioxide given off during breathing and secondly by body heat.

Blood spots on bedding is very often a tell-tale sign of a bed bug problem.


The bites can cause itching, burning in the area of the bite. This irritation can last for over a week.