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Cockroach (Australian)

Common Name:          Australian Cockroach

Scientific Name:          Periplaneta australasiae

Class/Order/family:      Insecta/Blattodea/Blattidae

Metamorphosis:          Incomplete





Large approximately 30 - 35mm long, light brown with ivory-yellow circular band enclosing large black spot at back of head, yellow submarginal stripe at base of forewings.


The nymphs are similar in appearance to the adult but smaller. Immediately after hatching or moulting the nymphs are white, but the cuticle soon darkens to the normal colour. Nymphs mature in 6-12 months. Nymphs normally moult 10-12 times to reach adulthood.


Female deposits the egg capsule shortly after it is formed near a food source, in order to camouflage it she hides it in cracks and crevices or under soft material.

Each egg capsule contains 16 -24 eggs.

The incubation period is 30-40 days.


Quite slow.

Females may produce 12-30 egg capsules in a lifetime. Egg capsules are completed and dropped at about 10 day intervals.


Approximately 8 months for adults.


They are nocturnal. Found in premises which produces or handles food.

Infestations are usually transported in during delivery of materials in the packaging or on raw materials.

Like most cockroaches they prefer warmth and need a moist environment to thrive. They are scavengers and will feed at night and scurry quickly if disturbed.