Most UK species of bat have at some time been found in houses, but there are mainly 2 species which are commonly found, these are:

Pipistrelle Bat

Of which there are three different species, the common pipistrelle, the soprano pipistrelle and the much rarer Nathusius' pipistrelle.

These bats like to roost behind boards and tiles and like tight spaces.

Brown Long-eared Bat

These tend to prefer older properties with larger roof spaces. This bat is the most commonly found in lofts.

Very often bat droppings can be mistaken for mouse droppings but there are distinct differences. Bat droppings crumble when pressed and tend to be found directly under where the bats are roosting whereas mice are incontinent and leave random droppings.

Bats do not cause any damage to properties and are highly protected, it is illegal to kill, injure or disturb them. If you do need to do some work on your property where bats are roosting you can obtain some advice from The Bat Conservation Trust (